Wood block


June 23rd -25th
Carlos Gomez

Woodcut printing is a technique that involves the transfer and reproduction of an image from wood onto canvas or paper.  This traditional technique is several centuries old and has historical roots in various countries around the world.  It was one of the first techniques used in reproduction, and today is used primarily in fine arts.  I have been practicing woodcut printing for 12 years and have shown works professionally in Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

The woodcut workshop at White Rabbit will focus on the process of relief image development and manual printing techniques.  It will also provide the opportunity to learn about the history of woodcut printing and prominent artists in this field.   The weekend workshop will be offered in three sessions.  In the first session, we will explore image and concept construction as well as the scope of woodcut graphic arts.  The second session will focus on the wood carving process.  We will review different tools as well as their effects and expression on wood.  In the third session, we will be learning how to manually print onto canvas.  Participants can expect to design, carve and print a small edition of canvas woodcut prints over this weekend.  I hope this workshop will awaken a new love and curiosity for this technique.  Open to all levels.