June 16th – 18th
Josh Collins


Design walks a line between being a passive and active agent in people’s life. For example, do we think about doors when we walk through them? Usually not. Or perhaps more accurately, what do we think about when we walk through doors? Design starts with questions. This process of discovery is both exceptionally broad and incredibly relevant to creating strong contextual work; regardless of whether we are conceiving of socially-engaged performative art work or a highly functional building.

This workshop will focus on developing the basics of your own design process. Josh will lead participants in working through preliminary concepts. These conceptual works will end up ranging from installation art to ideas for full building, from crafted doorknobs to constructs that control the flow of time. All projects will respond to the natural environment at Red Clay and will quite likely end up entirely different than your expectations.

Invisible/Visible was conceived as a theme to shed light on how the practices of active questioning, listening, affirming and witnessing are all relevant to developing design skills. Working within an ecological context will provide an infinitely rich context full of surprises. Having access to discuss progress with other participants in the form of critiques and guided exercises will also provide a substantial opportunity for understanding your work in a new light.

Finally, design is fundamentally accessible to everyone and reflects where they are at and what they bring (Circus of the Normal Style). Everyone is welcome to this process of discovery. Bring ideas. Bring energy. Bring baggage.