Tiny buildings – workshop

September, 2019 (dates to be provided soon)

This workshop is a primer on the design and construction of a small personal dwelling. Topics to be included are:

Basic ideas of design
Designing with the sun in mind.
Choosing the building materials
Designing your space.
Construction for start to finish

Duration: 2.5 days

Cost: $140

Meals (locally sourced, fresh organic) and rustic accommodations included

Maximum (minimum) number of participants: 10 (5).

About the Artist Facilitators

Corinna Meuller  is an architect and builder based out of Halifax Nova Scotia. The focus of her work over the past year or two has been the design and construction of a tiny home. This interest started when for her bachelor thesis Corinna designed modular cubes for the Pilgrimage Route “Way of St.James” in Europe, which were clustered  on the forested site with platforms in between. That led to her work in small scale, portable and modular designs including topics such as building off grid, transport and road restrictions, efficient use of space etc.

Thomas Young is a gardener, builder, writer, planner and community organizer. Mr Young began his career as a stained glass artisan in 1980. After training as a glassworker in Ottawa he opened a stained glass studio in downtown Halifax and operated it as a teaching studio, supply house and fabricator of stained glass for 5 years. His passion for light led him to explore passive solar design, constructing numerous innovative greenhouse prototypes and cabins. In 2017, he designed and built a passive solar home, felling and milling trees from the Red Clay property.  He has experience in all  components of building including foundation, framing insulation etc.



The workshop; what’s included:

Workshops include meals prepared with fresh organic produce. Camping facilities are provided for all workshop participants, or you can request one of the tiny cabins or loft spaces in the greenhouse (available of a first come first serve basis). Workshops focus on skill development and practice but also include evening discussions around an open fire, occasional trips to the beach, solar shower and a wood fired sauna. Cost for each workshop (incl meals and accom) is $140.00.

How to register:

Send us an email at redclayworkshops@gmail.com. Once your registered, we’ll give you all the details.

Register early!