Blue Rabbit Residency: Air


Blue Rabbit’s “Air” Residency will focus on — without being limited to — radio and sound. Red Clay Art Farm has the facilities available to run an established pirate radio platform, which will be used as a tool with which to experiment with written work, music, and soundscapes. Musicians, writers, poets, sound artists, playwrights, and creators of all kinds are encouraged to spend this residency investigating and immersing themselves in how art can manifest itself aurally and orally.  “Air” will be co-led by radio producer, Janna Graham and concrete poet, Bill Bissett. 

Janna Graham is a Canadian radio producer, media artist, writer, and long-time community radio advocate. Her work has aired on public radio internationally and on neighbourhood pirate radio transmissions. Janna divides her time between Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and New Brunswick, Canada.

Bill Bissett is a Canadian poet, writer, and artist utilising the style of concrete poetry and subverting conventional orthography. He is known for his unusual language use and incorporation of visual elements into his poetry. Themes in his work range from the mystical to the mundane, incorporating humour, sentimentality, and political commentary. In 2007, Bissett was awarded the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to literature in British Columbia. Read Bill’s personal statement below: