About Red Clay

Red Clay is an art space and organic farm overlooking the Bay of Fundy. The facility hosts collaborative residencies from July to September and weekend retreats during the winter months.  Located in rural Nova Scotia, far enough from the cities to allow artists to feel a connection, even if momentarily, with the land, the forest and the coast, it is for artists who seek a quiet space to work.

Red Clay is a mosiac of gardens, fires, strawberries, blackberries, early morning swims in the pond, the White Rabbit residency and festival and the Blue Rabbit residencies. The Upper Bay of Fundy is warm during the summer months and walking on the tidal flats is an amazing adventure… or swimming, best on the incoming tide.


Red Clay has two dimensions. In one dimension it  is an artist community and hub where emerging artists can develop and explore, share ideas and work in close collaboration with others or work independently in a land-centred environment. The second dimension is our role as an organic farm and community supported agriculture venue.

Our arts programming largely centres around a series of summer residencies and winter retreats. Find more about the summer residencies here. Information on winter retreats is found here.