Stained Glass


April 10th – 12th

After many requests, Red Clay has been offering stained glass workshops. In these workshops the participants/upcoming stained glass artists learn to work with the copper foil method, which is suited for smaller or large complex designs. It can be adapted to 3 dimensional work such as lamps, glass boxes, planters, etcetera. 

The stained glass workshop is a weekend long. The participants will first be introduced, then practice with the techniques, and eventually they will use the begotten techniques to complete their own art piece over the weekend.


Accommodation is provided, the participants will stay in the main house. They will cook all the meals together, in pairs of two.



On Friday we will start with glass cutting practice, and see a slide show.

Saturday will give an overview of techniques, and then the participants can design their own project and start cutting and working with the copper foil.

On Sunday the glass pieces will be soldered, the projects will be finished and the workspace cleaned up.


The tools and materials that are needed for the workshop will be provided by us. But if you are looking for glass in a very specific colour, you may want to provide that yourself. 

The workshop costs 60$.