Red Therapy, Red Art

Facilitated by social practice artist Zachary Gough.

Red Clay, Economy, NS

Fee $50

(Covers programming and accommodations, food is not included but we’ll collaborate to cut down costs. Please contact Zach if the fee is a barrier to your participation).

to register, contact

Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Insecurity, alienation and student debt as a result of neo-liberal late-capitalist exploitation got you down? You may want to consider coming to Red Therapy, Red Art, a summer weekend Red Clay session facilitated by social practice artist Zachary Gough.

Neither explicitly a group therapy session, nor an art workshop, this weekend away will involve a series of artistic and therapeutic activities, conversations, meals, experiences and collective creations that are about and for our collective well being in today’s late-capitalist, neoliberal west.


In our safe space, we will take time to share our own personal stories. Then we’ll try to contextualize these stories amidst an understanding of larger social processes. In doing so, we hope to build our confidence that, actually, we are not the ones that are broken, but that the society we live in, and the systems that make it (exploitative global capitalism, genocidal colonialism, deeply rooted patriarchy, misogyny, gender binary and hetero-normativity, and white supremacy, are what need changing.

In the landscape of Red Clay, Economy, NS we will reconnect with nature to re inspire us to dream of a sustainable, abundant future. We will talk with the members of the Red Clay Conservation Society, the newly formed collective owners of Red Clay, about forms of collaboration and a cooperative future on the land, their commitments to each other.

We will take the opportunity to borrow heavily from the experiences and writings of RED THERAPY, a radical collective that exercised collective group therapy for each other in London UK in the 1970s.

Some of our intentions for the weekend are:

  • to help us understand how we are alienated from each other
  • to help us grow our skills in supporting one another in the struggles against oppressive systems and practices.
  • to understand that a life of struggle against the status quo comes with a great cost.
  • to realize that the new world we want to create must not reproduce the same forms of dominance that we currently experience, the means do not justify the ends.
  • to build a bit more community through deep personal connections.
  • to lighten the load
  • to create a vision of what radical community care looks like now, and how it could look tomorrow

NOTE: No trained therapists will be present. This is a weekend for developing our abilities to care for each other and to think about the ways we care for each other.

Zachary Gough is an artist and student/teacher that works collaboratively and responsively with other artists, community groups and organizations to promote alternative economic systems and toward deconstructing the capitalist viral value paradigm and its manifestations. He often uses participatory and immaterial media, such as radio and performance, to address materialist concerns, such as labour, power, debt, education, and liberation. Zach is a graduate of  the art and social practice MFA program at Portland State University in Oregon.