Red Clay Drawing Retreats

Red Clay Drawing Retreats are weekend-long retreats held monthly throughout the winter and spring at Red Clay Farm.

Drawing retreat schedule

January 25-27

February 22-24 (also will include sculpture, see below)

March 29-31

April 26-28

If you are interested, please join Red Clay Drawing on facebook. You can email if you have questions or to register.

The basic principal of the workshops is focused on developing the skill of life drawing through 10 sessions held throughout the weekend. Participants model for each other allowing us to offer affordable rates.

Red Clay Drawing Retreats were started in 2013, and were originally week-long sessions, and have transformed into a recurring weekend event, in which the group works together to provide the materials, modelling, transportation, food and meal preparation.

The February 22 drawing retreat will be a mixed life drawing and sculpture (clay) session. To facilitate this Saturday on February 23rsessions will be longer poses to accommodate sculpture.

Many thanks to our current event organizers: Rob Cameron & Christine Waugh


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you can’t find your answer here please contact us redclaydrawing at

What is this thing anyway?

  • The Red Clay Drawing Retreat is a weekend of intensively scheduled life drawing, generally we draw for over 13 hours in the course of 2 days.
  • It comprises a Friday evening, full day Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon.
  • Participants stay at the Red Clay farmhouse, cooking, eating, drawing, modelling and socializing together.

I don’t have much experience drawing, can I still attend?

  • Yes, certainly! We have had many individuals who are new to drawing attend, they generally have a wonderful time and see significant progress over the retreat.
  • Instruction is not provided, but some participants may be willing to demonstrate techniques for you.

Do I have to participate in every drawing session?

  • Not at all, you are free to take time out and rest or do other activities.

How much does it cost?

  • This retreat is very affordable, costing only $25
  • Materials are not included, please bring your own drawing tools and sketchbook.

Where will I sleep?

  • The house has a variety of sleeping options, though many are in communal rooms. It ends up feeling like a big sleepover most of the time.
  • The house is partially open concept, and many of the sleeping spaces are not especially private.

Is food included?

  • Not exactly. We have a shared meal system that has served us well. Each participant helps to create one meal over the course of the retreat. Bringing the food they will need, doing the cooking, and cleaning up afterwards.
  • Meals are prepared in groups of two, and you will be responsible for making sure there are options for everyone attending. (for instance serving cheese on the side so that a lactose intolerant person can eat your main dish)

I am a Vegan/ Gluten Intolerant/ have food sensitivities, do I need to bring all my own food?

  •  Not at all, this group often has multiple sensitivities to work around, when the meal poll is sent out be sure to let everyone know and we will do our best to accommodate. It would be wise to bring a few snacks to round out a meal if you are strict with your diet.
  • If you have severe or life threatening allergies and would feel safer providing your own food we will certainly respect that.

I want to attend but I don’t have a car. How do I get to you?

  • We organize a ride-share program with our participants prior to each retreat, promise to pitch in some gas money and we will work out transportation.

Sounds like fun, but I don’t want to model. Can I still attend?

  • Unfortunately, at this time we are require all participants to be willing to model. There are a few costumed / clothed modelling sessions through the weekend, however we do not schedule models in advance, and those spots cannot be guaranteed.
  • The reason we can offer this retreat affordably is to ask all participants to give their time. To expect your fellows artists to model and not be willing to reciprocate works against the community atmosphere we work hard to foster.
  • Modelling isn’t easy, but it is an integral part of this experience.