Raising big questions: Red Clay micro-residency

July 28-Aug 2 

What keeps us grounded, and how do we confront an uncertain future and weather unprecedented storms?

It is with these questions in mind, that will form the micro-residency raising big questions. During the residency, participants will learn how to make kites, aerial kite sculptures and the basics of aerial kite photography (KAP). Participants will be encourage to work on individual or collective projects, from large scale firework laden aerial sculptures, acoustic aeolian instruments to subtle performances documented from above the intertidal flats using KAP. Together we will engage in the science, history and art of flying kites and in doing so, collectively look up to the sky and play – fielding simple challenges and raising big questions. 

Andrew Maize will be mentor artist during this 6-day micro-residency. Andrew co-facilitated the White Rabbit residency and open air art festival at Red Clay for four years, making White Rabbit a nationally recognized art project and becoming a mentor to many emerging artists. In the process, he created some of the most moving art installations that we have seen at Red Clay including Tidal Ladder. His accomplishments since that time include finalist in the RBC national painting competition and a featured artist at Nocturne, Halifax.

The cost is $146.00 per person and will include loft or bunk style accommodations (or camping if you prefer) and access to Red Clay facilities, kitchens, studio space, ponds, trails, sauna, beach excursions, Smokes social club and most importantly, a Red Clay food box full of fresh organic veggies. Meals will be collaborative, with everyone contributing. Artist will also have an opportunity to showcase their work at the White Rabbit Open air art festival in August. We will be offering micro-residencies in July and August.


To apply, contact us at redclayforest@gmail.com