Radio Sounds

March 6th – 8th

The Red Clay Radio/Sound retreat is a weekend-long retreat that is fully dedicated to explorations in sound-making, sound-editing and sound-finding. Feel welcome to join us in the process of workshopping sound projects together. Over the weekend, we will be exploring, preparing, finding, trying and creating audio work, solo and in group, with the potential to use it on future episodes of Black Rabbit Broadcasting. 

The workshop fees are $25 per person, and meals are made collectively, so each person will co-cook a meal with another participant over the weekend. After the registration, a poll will be made to delegate meals, and rides will be coordinated prior to the retreat.

Like the other winter retreats, the accommodation will be in the main house, the beautiful solar house on the sprawling property in rural Nova Scotia. Looking forward to hearing from you :).

Please email to register!