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August 4th-6th
Colleen MacIsaac
& Dan Bray

From the Stage to the Page: Graphic Design & Theatre Oftentimes an audience’s first interaction with a play will be through its poster. How do we as theatre artists make sure that this crucial first point-of- contact is something that represents the play in an appropriate, intriguing, and enticing way? Award-winning multi-disciplinary artist Colleen MacIsaac has designed posters for many local companies including Zuppa Theatre Co, secret theatre, LunaSea, 2b theatre company, DaPoPo, as well as many of her own productions. She will examine poster creation from the perspective of a director trying to find a common language with a graphic designer, offering insight on how to approach that relationship in a way that will allow for the director’s vision to clearly resonate in the design. She will also speak to theatre-makers interested in creating their own posters, providing design tips and secrets for amateur and emerging designer in their own right. From the Page to the Stage: Adapting Renaissance Plays As a Merritt-nominated playwright with a specialty in producing new versions of early-modern texts, Dan Bray will introduce a new generation of directors and story-tellers to his unique adaptation process. This process will involve reading an existing Renaissance text while isolating key themes, exploring surprising character combinations, and considering/observing/protecting the verse. This workshop is perfectly suited for any artist interested in literary adaptation and/or developing classical works for small casts.