‘No Expectations’ Performance Retreat

This weekend will focus on collectively creating a performance piece that will be presented on Sunday. It relies heavily on participants bringing their own characters, stories and ideas. We will mash our skills together to form our final product, and we are committed to being happy with the results. Participants are encouraged to take part in the Clown workshop the weekend before, but there are no expectations.

Workshop Facilitator:

Jesse Garth Reimer-Watts, also known as Jo-Jo Potato the Clown, has been practicing physical theatre for six years. It began with music and acting studies and travelled into the realms of clown, dance and the circus arts as time progressed. A fusion of all these practices forms what he teaches and puts onstage. Clown has a special place in his heart because it is unlike any other performance medium: it seeks to be real before it seeks to be skilled. As Jo-Jo Potato he has lightened the hearts of audiences in Toronto, Halifax, India and Guatemala…and many street corners besides. His dream currently is to be part of Patch Adams’ troupe of Clown Doctors, and to teach and perform the art of clown.

$50 per participant
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