Natural materials and sculpture

July 20-22

Workshop Description

This workshop will explore sculpture and installation in the landscape using natural materials and found objects including natural clay and fibres. Topics to be included are:

  • Selection of natural materials and how to use them
  • Earthen clay (cob) construction
  • Weaving with wood fibre, grasses, reeds etc.
  • Creation of an installation

Each participant will have an opportunity to produce a finished work that (if they choose) that may be exhibited at the White Rabbit Arts Festival in August 2018.


About the artist facilitator

Grace W. Boyd is a maker and artist based out of Winnipeg Manitoba currently living in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Grace attended the University of Manitoba studying fine arts with a focus in sculpture and ceramics. Through her work Grace makes seeks to form a bond between person, place and object, connecting self and the natural world. Her current work is informed from impressions of the natural world and the textures that surround us.


What’s included:

Workshops include meals prepared with fresh organic produce. Camping facilities are provided for all workshop participants, or you can request one of the tiny cabins or loft spaces in the greenhouse (available of a first come first serve basis). Workshops focus on skill development and practice but also include evening discussions around an open fire, occasional trips to the beach, solar shower and a wood fired sauna. Cost for each workshop (incl meals and accom) is $140.00.

How to register:

Send us an email at Once your registered, we’ll give you all the details.

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