Intertidal Sculpture

Coordinated and facilitated by Thomas Young with mentoring by Heather Lawson

Sculpting … the subtractive process (3 days)

Rumour has it that Michelangelo once said, sculpture is easy, you just take a block of marble and chip away everything that doesn’t look like David.

The workshop is for those whose idea of work is to spend a mid-summer weekend on a beach on the Bay of Fundy creating carvings from soft sandstone boulders. Practicing sculptors, installation artists and those who are want to make art in the tidal zone of the Bay of Fundy are encouraged to apply.  The finished work will be photographed at low and mid tides.


Stage 1 (day 1): Explore the site, find and select a raw stone – photograph and draw

Stage 2 (day 1): Use drawing and images of the selected stone to design and plan the sculpture. Optional – model the raw stone in clay and carve a maquette.

Stage 3 (day 2-3): Carve the rough object on location – documentation

The weekend will begin with a studio visit to Canada’s only female Stone Carver Heather Lawson. Heather has more than 30 years of experience carving sandstone. The final stage of the project will be for documentation.. all work will be photographed and a catalogue created on the Red Clay web site.

Fees are $50 for the 3 day workshop and cover camping accommodations at Red Clay presentations, coordination of trips to the field site, overnight accommodation solar shower, cooking facilities sauna etc. Lofts and mini-cabins are also available at the following rates ($10 extra for cabin or loft, $20 extra for guest room). Each participant will be responsible for 2 meals over the three-day period.

Register now by pay through paypal or send and email to: to register and pay through email money transfer or cash.

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