Gardener’s Journal

CSA 10 / I’ve always liked mason jars

BRING BACK YOUR JARS / it’s canning time.
If you have your wooden box or plastic pail at home bring it your delivery location
An email will be sent to tell you when your goods have been delivered
(Delivery between 2-4pm on Sunday)

Kane & Robie
Cafe Cempoal
Windsor & Oxford
Duncan Street Coop
The Other Bean
You may remember theInline image 1 story of the ducks or have heard that Frank quacked all the time? He was an unhappy duck, very unhappy. Well, long story short: We thought we’d kill Frank, but everyone that visited got really attached…… So now he lives at the petting zoo just down the way at the Dutchman’s cheese farm, You should go visit him there…. Frank gets a happy ending, go figure.
The thing is back, and it’s eating the chickens. Actually, it just eats the head, and then it isn’t able to get the body out the freaking tiny hole it slithered in through. Frank was something of a watchduck and without him to cry-wolf the chickens more vulnerable.
I was recently made aware that my emails to you may be taking up a fair bit of space because of pictures and their file size. I’ll attempt to reduce the file size and have also been posting the updates on the website as well so you can delete the emails and still check out the pictures there instead.
Been thinking about the wisdom of past generations, reading Helen and Scott Nearing. Thinking about how we pass wisdom down, and if a youtube video can suffice where a Grandma, Aunt or neighbour would have in been. Gonna have a canning party this month if you’re interested in coming to help put the summer in jars let me know. This song may inspire you too.


CSA 9 / I say Tomatoes

An email will be sent to tell you when your goods have been delivered  (Delivery between 2-4pm on Sunday)
Kane & Robie
Cafe Cempoal
Windsor & Oxford
Duncan Street Coop
The Other Bean
Following this email I will send out a notice about tabs and let you know where I have you on my list of delivery locations.
Thanks for being understanding about “the under construction” nature of our protocol.
Honey (6 sm 12 regular)
Tomatoes $ 2 / per
Blackberries $ 4 / pint
Blackberry freezer jam $ 6 / 5 dollars if you return your jar
Eggs $ 4IMG_4221.jpg
Whole Frozen Chickens $ 4 per pound
It turns out the delivery to your local cafe or neighbourhood hub house is easier than having you all come to me, so we will continue to offer these services ! Hooray for accidental efficiencies!
In the past I’ve been letting each location group know when their delivery has been made I will continue to do this. I know it’s a tad less personal so this picture from the festival catalogue was included to
assure you this is still a family operation.
The festival was a wild success I’ve attached little audio excerpts from one of the projects I was collaborating on called Living Landscape.
What’s up ORGANICS:

CSA 8 is gonna be late

Dearest CSA Members,

As I feared the boxes are going to be bit late. Realistically I’m not gonna make into town until Monday evening. I can leave your box or of produce at Bass River General, Kane Street in the North End, Cafe Cempoal on Agricola, or the Other Bean by 3pm on MONDAY….. or  given these extraneous circumstances deliver straight to your door on Monday evening.
!!!!!! IMPORTANT : PLEASE please pretty please; to receive a box  this week you must respond to this email with either a stated location of your preference or your home address.
A MILLION THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING !!! also if you come to the festival and you want to take your veggies home with you on Sunday that is totally do-able
CSA 8 will include. Listed in terms availability:
So… no picture this week  you’ll have to come see for yourself: buy your tickets online or at the door :
The gardeners wrote you this poem:
Mycelial moon
Spreading roots
Grounded in the now


SUNDAY BST 2:30pm -7pm  MONDAY PICK UPS @ The Other Bean on Quinpoole or Cafe Cempoal on Agricola

As much as you are expecting more negative & skeptical reports about bugs and drought… and while neither has subsided, the gardens have provided. Thank goodness.
Over the past week the land has hosted roughly 30 people. The folks are all working hard on creating and curating beautiful moments and scared spaces. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet do:
This coming week the gardens will be tended to not by me but by two good friends andCSA member Silas and Erica. I am grateful to get to spend the coming days with them and the rest of the artists coming up for the Metamorphosis Project.
I fear that next week my newsletter will contain even less insight and that I may need to bump our Sunday pickup to the evening if not Monday…. as we will be cooking pancakes for a few hundred and recovering from our Saturday night festivities. heads upz and thanks in advance for your understanding.
This week everyone is  getting:
Swiss Chard
.. and as you are now probably very used to… Basil.
Foxes will receive additionally an assortment of:
New Zealand Spinach
Mixed Berry Cups
& Turnip
Farmer Clare

been beaning

Too busy to say too much.

SUNDAY 2:30 – 7pm Bus Stop Theatre
CAFE CEMPOAL & THE OTHER BEAN  they are amazing cafes!!!

…Though I have to say that I really have enjoyed these weekly chances to share, thanks.
Thank you to the good friends who’ve helped harvest, bag, and box up. & thank you Tom!

Inline image 1

I’d like  also like to thank my mom for giving me her car, she’s been an amazing workhorse.
White Rabbit Residency is going to be awesome.
IMPORTANT MONDAY PICK UPS  @ CAFE CEMPOAL (Agricola) & the OTHER BEAN (quinpool) Let me know which you’d prefer.
This week I will be creating a gardener’s podcast… I will update you…
Also the tomatoes, and black berries are coming.
This week is pretty straight up GARLIC POTATOES BEANS ZUCCHINI
Inline image 2
So, late notice, but tomorrow at the market, buy greens! Beside some bits of broc, chard and kale, the grape leaves in the green house shaded out all the fresh greens…. Grape leaves also available…. and this year’s mead is gonna be out of control (knock on wood) WOAH watch out Nova 7.

Week 5 – bush beans & zucchinis

Okay, so, thank you,
We are now over a quarter of the way through our relationship and I just wanted to say… Thank you.
Inline image 1You believed I could grow you a few hundred dollars worth of groceries…. I trusted in spreadsheets… and now we have beans and zucchinis…
Cause if it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be all this food… and if there wasn’t all this food there wouldn’t be this newsletter, and if there wasn’t this newsletter I’d be watching the Jays…. so to speak
Inline image 3
It’s not that there’s nothing to report. We are seeding lettuce and transplanting lettuce and preparing as best we can for the coolest and most time consuming thing we do all year : WHITE RABBIT OPEN AIR ARTS FESTIVAL. Buy your early bird tickets NOW only 30.00. and this is a Deal. 4real.
Inline image 2
I’m delighted to tell you that I am presenting a piece in this year’s festival and hope that you can make it…. come to the farm. See the gardens that grow your greens. Because of this I am not able to stay in town for the day on Mondays, and we are looking to leave boxes not picked up on Sunday at EAC, Local Source, Cafe Cempoal or one of our CSA members’ houses in your area. If you think that you are gonna be reliant on Monday pick ups through the month of August let me know where you’d like to have you box left… text 902 877 8781

Journal 4 – cucumber beetle juice and cutefood

Red Clayers,

SUNDAY 3 pm – 6pm
MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
2203 Gottingen Street Halifax
 Not able to make it? NP, Just email me or call 902 877 8781
Pests are fantastically good at proliferating…. or should i say; doing the do. As if to mock your efforts to crush their population they are almost always found coupling. The handy thing about this is…. they are much easier to kill when they are connect and it’s two for one  🙂
The cucumber beetles have made themselves known, but we do our best to keep our cucurbits from accepting total domination by hunting them daily, popular methods include finding a flower full of them and crushing them between bricks, and shaking flowers over and into a jar of soapy water, the resulting product has become known as beetle juice. See below:
the second round of chicks arrived last night, day olds, and ain’t they just the darnedest.Funny those times, standing in around with a bunch of other …. poultry growers or beekeepers or farmerfolks waiting for an order. Just families and homesteaders, retirees and several spry elders. Everyone looking hardened by the sun and seasoned by the sea, kind-eyes killers.

This update is a little later than it’s supposed to be, the whiskey, moonlight, fireflies, were just too enticing last night, I suppose there’s no excuse for being me.

3 – Wild Things & cultivating weekly harvests


SUNDAY 2 pm – 6pm
MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
2203 Gottingen Street Halifax
Not able to make it? NP, Just email me or call 902 877 8781


It’s beautiful on the farm, thank you all for the rain. The parched ground has been drinking it in, and the water level on the pond is inching it’s ways back up. In all the green beauty, there’s a mystery brewing.

There’s something out there. In the dark at night; a bear, fox, wolf, coyote, muskrat, Thing…. and it’s hungry….. well, a little less hungry now.

At first we thought it was Lady, my adorably lazy dog. For months dog food, tahini, and the occasional speckled trout were found with curious incisor incisions ….


I returned from our last box drop to the news that Earnest had been eaten, by the Thing. Beloved Earnest was one of our ducks. Frank, the other duck, less beloved for his loud and constantly obtrusive quacking, is devastated, and has retired from the pond to the chicken run.

In other related news the abattoir is all booked up and it looks like the flock of chickens is gonna a enjoy an extra week or two of summer….  larger roosters who’ve going through puberty and are turning into jerks will be the first to go…

This week we’ll start taking off the spring honey. It tastes amazingly distinctive; each frame tastes of a particular day, each super encapsulates a season/ing. All food boxes this week will include honey.
Nothing new has ripened. Everything’s in gestation. Growing bigger, fighting for light. It’s been a real challenge to figure out how to control when harvests are ready.  As a consequence we get to eat all the mistakes, meals on the farm have been delicious… flowery and full of holes, but amazing. If you are interested in sharing a recipes, send them to me and I’ll circulate. This week I’m recommending roasted grape leaves, Dolmades.

Journal 2

RED CLAY HAWK AND FOX FOOD BOXES                SUNDAY 2 pm – 6pm
Inline image 1                                              MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
                                          2203 Gottingen Street Halifax

It’s officially too dry. CBC reported yesterday that this has been the driest summer since 1946…. so don’t stop praying and dancing for rain just yet…. I made up a little song, and sang it all day:   ” PRAY for it to pour, dance for it to rain.

it’s all dry, unprepared, and at your mercy and we’re scared RAIN RAIN RAIN / SAD fruit hangs on the vine, It’s bitter and I’m afraid, shrivelled and desiccate. what is faith? without RAIN RAIN RAIN.”

Last week was our first box drop. Our only real problem was wilting, which is a shame cause everything is coming to you come the day it’s picked.
Plastic bagging everything seems to be the only way to keep the greens moist and crisp… If anyone has…. an extra fridge or a “refer”truck or a grandmother who remembers how we managed this in the days of the “ice box” I’d be very interested.
This week’s overcast days (but mostly dropless days) did give the chance to plant out the lower garden. Using the furrows to channel water, and the magic of Bearcove’s Stormcast. A family recipe for composted seaweed, it’s beautiful… it’s
magic… If you are looking for a way to boost your garden with an all natural source of nutrients contact:
We’ve had more people on property as our Honey & Salt workshop series gears up and we are host to our affordable week long residencies. It’s been really energizing to see what everyone is busy creating, thank you to Heather who lent some pictures to this entry.
Consider taking some time this summer to come stay here with us and watch the
gardens grow.
BasilBroccoli leavesBroccoli seedlingsChickweed + ( ) CilantroDill *Fresh strawberry freezer Jam *Garlic Scapes  +++Kale *Lambs quarter + ( WARNING not for pregnant LadiesLettucePansy FlowersRadishRose waterSnap peasSpinach *Strawberry PlantsSwiss chard *Zucchini *Zucchini flowers *

Eggs ($4) Gingerbeer ($4) & Mead ($12) Now accepting orders for next week – Chicken ($4 per pound)

Gardener’s Journal 1 – July 3rd

Hello CSA shareholder, friends and Red Clay Clan!


I’m delighted to announce that FOOD IS READY!!

The only trouble is we are not in sync with our proposed plan. This will get worked out over the next week. As of next weekend we will be on plan (see below) .

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been bring a few boxes online, testing our systems and trying to figure out how make this all work as smoothly as possible. To be honest we are still working things out … and building the boxes ….If you are not ready for your box, that’s OK!… to be honest weren’t totally ready ourselves… (sound of wood for boxes being milled in the background). Please bring bags, bins or what ever you like to transport the goods home.

For the interim / this week/ to start receiving food this Sunday (tomorrow), pick up between 2pm – 6pm  (no  pick up Monday / option for home delivery send me your address asap **this week only), I apologize for any inconvenience…. I’ll make it up to you in cherry tomatoes 🙂

I’d like to apologize also for missing last weeks update. We’ve been in a dry pocket, third week with no rain, and between the watering, weeding, feeding and late evening transplanting planting, and succession seeding schedules, box building, oh yeah, year ends, moving out of town, etc, it’s been CRA (“crazy”) as they say. Thank you for your understanding.


Below is the plan for how things will normally run.

Following that is a list of food currently available.

Final important note; due to a …. “administrative error” *cough* me *cough*, my form survey in my last email to you did not record the respondee’s name… so who ever responded “allergic to cilantro” I’m sorry, you’ll have to tell me again, to deal with this issue, I’m proposing that you tell me what you like/hate weekly on our harvest list, perhaps this won’t work but let’s give it a go for the next two weeks and see how it all shakesdown ….  also on the admin side, my phone died and the new one I picked up is pretty limited in terms of it’s “smart” capacity, and photo ability, but you can reach me on my cell and come see for yourself all that’s come to fruition.

THE PLAN (as of NEXT WEEK Starting July 10th)

Thursday afternoon each week you will receive an email with a list of all the things that are available this week.

You will respond to that email with any preferences (can’t make promises but will try) and any extra orders such as Meat, Eggs, Honey, gingerbeer, Pasta, Bread, etc. Responses should be in by Saturday morning.

You will show up to the Bus Stop Theatre at 2203 Gottingen street between 2pm & 8pm on Sunday or 9 am – noon on Monday. I will be there with your farm fresh goods.

FARM FRESH (Below is a list of what’s hanging on the vine, there may not be enough for everyone this week but patience is the virtue of the gardener. An * means limited, a + sign means if you want more for canning other reasons, it’s available. Just let me know how much you want.  Garlic Scapes +++, Strawberries *,  Fresh strawberry freezer Jam *, Lettuce, Spinach *, Cilantro, Baby Zucchini * , Zucchini flowers *, Pansy Flowers, Dill *, Broccoli leaves, Broccoli seedlings, Tomato Plants, Tiny Potatoes *, Red and white clover + , Swiss chard *, Kale *, Radish, Chickweed + ( ), Lambs quarter + ( WARNING not for pregnant Ladies

OTHER GOODS Eggs, Gingerbeer & Mead



If you are the type of person who prays; pray for rain. If you are the type of person who dances; dance for rain.