Red Clay Fresh Organic Food Boxes

The Red Clay Food Box CSA

Red Clay Boxes were conceived and piloted in 2015 as a way to bring fresh organics to a market hungry for local produce, and to help support the farmers and community projects that happen at Red Clay.

Red Clay food boxes come in two sizes, Fox boxes and Bear boxes.

What is the Red Clay Food Box CSA?

IMAG3747Fresh garden vegetables and fruit if available, tending to favour the season such as salad greens, herbs, beet greens and peas etc early to carrots, squash, potatoes apples etc later

The Red Clay ethic is to produce our vegetables organically, using balanced garden techniques without chemical pesticides and to harvest and deliver as close to harvest as possible.

A weekly newsletter tells the story of the farm, sent before your box arrives to let you know what is in store for the next delivery, and the successes and challenges of producing your food. We’ll include some photos about the gardens and generally a few things about life on the farm.

Every once in a while we’ll sneak a surprise into your box. It might be a jar of fresh jam or a cup of blueberries.

 A handmade wooden box at the end of the program for all full-season subscribers.

Other farm produce is available each week including free range eggs, unpasteurized honey and a few other goodies that we will tell you about later.

A full season subscription starts the 4th of July (Halifax) and runs for 16 weeks (until  Oct 17th). We also offer 12-week subscriptions for those who think they’ll be on holiday for part of the season. When you purchase a 12 week CSA, you can schedule your boxes so that when you are away, we won’t deliver to an empty home. You’ll have to notify us at least 2 weeks in advance when you won’t be able to accept a delivery so that we can plan our harvest.

How will we distribute the Red Clay Boxes.

Food boxes will arrive in Halifax on Wednesday evening. Pick-up will be from 7:30 until 9:00 PM. The pick-up location is at the corner of Northwood Terrace and Black Street. If you live north of Spring Garden and request in advance we may be able to do home delivery. You would have to have a convenient shady spot where we can leave the box.

The first one or two of boxes may be mostly salad ingredients, fresh herbs etc. but once we get into the mid-season, we will have a diversity of green vegetables, summer squash with more root vegetables as the season progresses.

How much does it cost and how to pay?

The preferred method of payment is via email money transfer to Payment will be held by Tom Young on behalf of the farm and you will receive an email agreement confirming your CSA share.

Alternately you can purchase a subscription through Paypal, by clicking amount next to the subscription you wish to purchase.

foxFox boxes  ($20.00 of organic fruit and vegetables per week)

Full season (16 weeks) subscriptions: $300.00

Away for a day (or two) subscription (12 weeks): $252.00

Partial season Fox Box (8 consecutive weeks): $176.00


Bear Boxes ($30.00 of organic fruit and vegetables per week)

Full season (16 weeks) subscriptions: $450.00

Away for a day (or two) subscription (12 weeks):$385.00

If you you can’t pay all at once, you can pay in three instalments (fox boxes only). The payment schedule for a full season is as follows: July 1 – $110, Aug 1 – $100, Sept 1 – $100.  For our “lack of commitment” plan, the payment schedule is:  July 1 – $92,  Aug 1 – $85, Sept 1 – $85.