Red Clay Fresh Organic Food Boxes

Red Clay CSA Boxes were conceived as a way to bring fresh organics to a market hungry for local produce, and to help support the farmers and community projects that happen at Red Clay.

What is the Red Clay Food Box CSA?

IMAG3747Fresh garden vegetables and fruit if available, tending to favour the season such as salad greens, herbs, beet greens and peas etc early to carrots, squash, potatoes apples etc later

The Red Clay ethic is to produce our vegetables organically, using balanced garden techniques without chemical pesticides and to harvest and deliver as close to harvest as possible.

A weekly newsletter tells the story of the farm, sent before your box arrives to let you know what is in store for the next delivery, and the successes and challenges of producing your food. We’ll include some photos about the gardens and generally a few things about life on the farm.

Every once in a while we’ll sneak a surprise into your box. It might be a jar of fresh jam or a cup of blueberries.

Subscribers can also sign up for weekly free range eggs. Other farm produce is available each week including unpasteurized honey and a few other goodies that we will tell you about later.

We have not finalized out garden program for this year 2020. But to give you an idea of what the Red Clay CSA looks like, here is a quick review of last year’s food box program. If you want to be on our waiting list for 2020, please send us an email at





In 2019, we offered just 15 subscriptions in Halifax. The CSA was organized as follows:

  • We offered 10 deliveries over the 14 week season beginning on July 11th with an option to extend for an extra 2-3 weeks at the end of the regular season.
  • Each subscription was for 8 deliveries and cost $155.00.
  • Subscribers were able to opt out of 2 deliveries during the season (if they were away) by simply responding to our newsletter by email.
  • All CSA customers received our newsletter prior to each delivery day. 
  • Deliveries were on Thursdays after supper.

Red Clay uses organic farming methods and never uses chemical pesticides. Its a labour-intensive way to grow food but its our commitment to you.