Find The Clown In You

Clown Workshop Weekend Intensive


This 3-day workshop will focus on getting to the heart of performance, which lies in vulnerability, honesty and joy. If we are willing to let ourselves be seen, as we are, then we are ready to be seen for what we are not (i.e. a character). Using exercises from the clowning traditions of Red Nose and Bouffon, participants will explore the heart of their own innocence in the safe and supportive environment of their peers. They will leave the workshop with a new understanding of their role as a performer and a new red nose to call their own.

About the Artist

Jesse Garth Reimer-Watts, also known as Jo-Jo Potato the Clown, has been practicing physical theatre for six years. It began with music and acting studies and travelled into the realms of clown, dance and the circus arts as time progressed. A fusion of all these practices forms what he teaches and puts onstage. Clown has a special place in his heart because it is unlike any other performance medium: it seeks to be real before it seeks to be skilled. As Jo-Jo Potato he has lightened the hearts of audiences in Toronto, Halifax, India and Guatemala…and many street corners besides. His dream currently is to be part of Patch Adams’ troupe of Clown Doctors. Savings towards this goal: zilch.

Participant Information

Cost: $70 waged, $40 unwaged

Materials to bring: Journal and drawing tools, Loose fitting clothing, costumes (particularly a head covering), Camping gear and clothing for the weather, any ideas/props/character pieces you wish to develop.

Contact Information    902-717-4398

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Key Concepts Exercises to Support
Being Seen
  • Saying Hello
  • The Sculptor and the Sculpted
  • Impulse 6
Embracing the Flop
  • Saying Hello (with a trick)
To Love, and to Be Loved + Embracing the Inner Child
  • Breathing on the Nose
  • Non-dominant-hand Writing
Complicite et Le Jeu
  • Stir the Space + butt tag
  • Mind Fuck
  • Tummy Matrix
  • Ceremony
  • Gift Giving