Blue Rabbit Residency – Movement

Blue Rabbit’s “Movement” Residency will focus on — without being limited to — performance and dance. Participants will spend six days exploring the art of movement and utilizing their physical bodies as a medium with which to create. There will be freedom for artists from different practise backgrounds to interpret what performance and dance mean to them and their work. It will be led by performance artist, dancer, choreographer, and curator Jacinte Armstrong. 

Movement dates: July 5-11

Jacinte is based in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, NS, and her work explores embodied practice through movement, communicating the experience of the body in relation to objects, materials, and people. She is also passionate about bodywork in many forms. Jacinte is the Artistic Director and co-founder of SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) Dance, and performs regularly with Mocean Dance. From 2014 to 2018 she was the Artistic Director of Kinetic Studio, presenting an annual season of contemporary dance workshops and performances in Nova Scotia. She is currently an MFA candidate at NSCAD University.

Read Jacinte Armstrong’s personal statement below:

The body is my site of action, where care and connection are practiced and performed. I am interested in knowing about things through our bodies. Senses of movement, touch, and time are central to my work. 

How does performance create knowledge about the body, and give value to the knowledge of the body? What are the ethics of the body, and the body in performance? What are the ethics of the audience’s bodies during a performance? I aim to create situations of physical comfort, joy, humour, delight. Using the body in interaction with other bodies, materials, and language, my work asks what does relationship look and feel like? Positioned within the “instant community” of each encounter, how are we connected? Is it through touch, laughter, ideas, energy, materials? How do connections take form? How are my experiences of my body the same or different from others’ experiences of their bodies? Interrogating my sense of “audience”, I wonder who they are and who they should be? How do we come together, and how do we hold space for the differences that happen together? I see my work moving inside and outside of dance and choreography contexts, mobilizing my knowledge of the body, movement, groups, networks and collaboration towards facilitating groups in a variety of circumstances, including performance, hosting, and even “healing”. I see myself as recording what I “know” about the body- my body, and those of others’ with whom I am in connection through practice and performance- through what I do.