Mask Making and Movement Art

July 6-8

All Ages Welcome

This workshop is a creative exercise in movement, mask-making and circus arts. The workshop will include:

  • ~Exploring Improvisation Movement, Contact Dance and Partner Acrobatics
  • ~Building Animated Characters through Mask Making
  • ~Bringing your Mask to life through Movement.

The culmination of the workshop will be one or more performance pieces that can be presented at the White Rabbit festival in August.

Duration: 2.5 days

Cost: $140

Meals (locally sourced, fresh organic) and camping or loft accommodations included:

Maximum (minimum) number of participants: 10 (5).

About the Artist Facilitators

Chelsea MacCormack is an animated mask maker and Mariah Duffley is a dance acrobatic facilitator. They have a passion for visual arts, performing arts, animated circus, acrobatics, dance, mask  making, and narratives. Their practice is to create animated circus and partner acrobatic performances, that communicate with the world of dreams and the anachronistic revival of instinct.Through their work of mass movements and mask making they seek to regenerate our bodies and honour our ancestors.

What’s included:

Workshops include meals prepared with fresh organic produce. Camping facilities are provided for all workshop participants, or you can request one of the tiny cabins or loft spaces in the greenhouse (available of a first come first serve basis). Workshops focus on skill development and practice but also include evening discussions around an open fire, occasional trips to the beach, solar shower and a wood fired sauna. Cost for each workshop (incl meals and accom) is $140.00.

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How to register:

Send us an email at Once your registered, we’ll give you all the details.  Register early!