Winter 2019

About Red Clay

Red Clay is an art space and organic farm overlooking the Bay of Fundy. The facility hosts self-directed residencies throughout the year. Located in rural Nova Scotia, far enough from the urban buzz to allow artists to feel a connection, even if momentarily, with the land, the forest and the coast, it is for artists who seek a quite space to work. The winter is an interesting time. Red Clay is exposed to storms that blow in from the east, crisp clear days, sunrises over the Bay, change and transition. The Red Clay house is heated and illuminated by solar and wood. It is bright during the day and warm at night. It can be very quiet and solitary.

For more information see Self Directed Residencies


Winter workshops are offered throughout the winter. They break the quiet and solitude with collaborative energy. Participants are responsible for one meal over the weekend, stay overnight in loft or bedroom spaces and have access to winter trails and sauna. Workshops are participatory and all participants help out. This helps keep our fees minimal. Go here for more information including schedule and fees.  Workshops this season are as follows:

Drawing retreats (4)
Creative dreaming retreat
Radio sounds, audio retreat
Stained glass window fabrication
Thoughtful forestry