Red Clay Farm Chronicles

This is the first of what will be a series of weekly newsletters that will chronicle the story of Red Clay farm over the coming summer. Its our wish that the newsletters will deepen the connection with the farm and the food that we deliver to you. Its our mission to communicate a bit about the food production system of a small artisanal farm such as this.


After 2 months of work, the market garden is ready to begin production. The spring was a bit challenging, with a late freeze that froze many farmers out of certain crops. Red Clay is close the the water and we double covered everything during the cold, so all our squash and tomatoes were safe. Rain also has been challenging. We have had a series of 50 mm plus rain events that have kept the soil damp. Yet the gardens have been growing.


The head farmer this year is Seb Palmer.


Seb worked for a while at Halifax Seed and on a series of CSA farms and is one of the most knowledgeable organic farmers I know. Our market gardens use only organic methods. We don’t use chemicals. It makes the food production labour intensive, but with Seb’s experience, the quality of the produce will be amazing. Our goal is to try to deliver to you within 12 hours of picking as much as we can.

The first food box will have lots of salad ingredients. This is the usual thing for the first box and hopefully will satisfy your early season craving for fresh salad. All boxes will include:

Green onions


Salad mix and/or lettuce heads


Plus a bit of fresh oregano and mint

In addition, boxes will also have some, if not all of the following:



Early season broccoli

Garlic scapes

Saute mix


Parrsboro delivery will be at the Ships Company Theatre on Monday at 6:00 PM. Halifax Delivery will be at 5548 Black St. (corner of Black Street and Northwood) at 6:00 PM. Pick-up will be in the back yard accessed from Northwood. If you are not a subscriber and want to order an individual box, please contact us ( We also have a limited supply of farm fresh large brown eggs ($4/doz).

Between workshops and gardens, Red Clay has been busy this past month. On June 15th a “Tiny Building” workshop (with architect Corinna Mueller) was full and fun for everyone. One of the buildings that we started was a farm stand, still in the early stages of construction. Look for it when you pass Red Clay over the coming weeks.


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