CSA 17 / We made it / “La fin des haricots.”

Farmholders, (you can let go now)


4pm – 8pm @ the Bus Stop Theatre
Deliveries on Monday Morning
Honey (6 sm 12 regular)
Blackberry freezer jam $ 6 / 5 dollars if you return your jar
Free Range Unwashed Eggs $ 4
Gingerbeer $ 5
WHOLE FREE RANGE CHICKENS $ 4 per pound (6-12 pound birds available)
Available Eatable Organic Produce:
We did it !!!!!!!! Last box. 17 weeks, phew, who knew we’d make it this far….. I mean…. I had faith, but really, no idea the earth could provide some much.
This project started nine months ago, in the deep of February. An artist-in-residency lent me a book that taught farming and business strategies hand-in-hand. Now the farm has come to fruition.

Thank you for buying into the idea that we can sustain ourselves collectively. I hope this project has given you faith, it’s filled me right up to the tippy top. That said this is the end my friends. Last week, I learned the French idiom “the end of the beans” … all is lost … well, it’s not all lost… but it is done…. well done…. I hope you feel that way too:)
I’m of the mind that we should celebrate. Pick up will be hosted later in the day on Sunday and I’m bringing gingerbeer and mead to share. Please considered coming by with your loved ones and stay to chat and meet other CSA shareholders.
In the coming months, I will still have eggs, chickens (whole/frozen), Honey, gingerbeer, that i’d love to sell to you…. do not hesitate be in touch. In December I’ll be helping to put on a Pop-Up Shop for the holiday season….. you’re on the mailinglist, so you’ll hear more as the days get darker 😛
A final note. The world is changed, and changing. First time in my life i’ve ever thought i’d grow a watermelon. First time i’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito in October. I know you all know, but the world will be different in the coming years and I encourage you to continue to seek out ways that we can be a part of sustainable solutions.
Once I heard a kid recite (something like):
 we thank the farmer for our food
the flowers, stars, earth and moon
we remember those who survive on less
and are grateful that we are truly blessed.
Many blessings to you & yours in the coming months and New Year.
Your Friends,
 Farmer Clare & Red Clay Tom

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