CSA 14 / Blight and chilly nights

PICK UP SUNDAY AFTERNOON at The Bus Stop Theatre 4pm – 8pm 
 Delivery of unpicked upped produce to the following locations on Monday Morning
Kane & Robie
Cafe Cempoal
Windsor & Oxford
Duncan Street Coop
The Other Bean
Honey (6 sm 12 regular)
Blackberry freezer jam $ 6 / 5 dollars if you return your jar
Free Range Unwashed Eggs $ 4
Gingerbeer $ 5
Whole Frozen Free Range Chickens $ 4 per pound (6-12 pound birds available reserve yours for thanksgiving)
Available Eatable Organic Produce:
The sun is still bright but it swings lower overhead and lingers less.

The apples are the new boon, though I worry bout how an early frost could cutting this whole project short…. we’ll just have to wait and see and becoming weather network junkies again.
 Last weekend’s rains brought up the blight. This will likely be the last week that we have tomatoes, struck down in their prime. The once lush green foliage has browned, curled and melted away leaving green tomatoes floating in mid air. Feast or Famine, as they say.
Speaking of FEASTS, consider joining us at the farm for Thanksgiving weekend, this year we will be reviving our wood splitting and fire sculpture competitions, we’d love to have you. Send me an email, or click on the facebook event  if you are interested and want more info. Furthermore, “picks up & deliveries” next week will be on Thursday evening & Friday morning. This way everyone will have something from the farm to bring to their harvest celebration, including a chicken, let me know if that sounds like gravy to you and we can reserve you a bird that’s just the right size for your gathering.

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