CSA 10 / I’ve always liked mason jars

BRING BACK YOUR JARS / it’s canning time.
If you have your wooden box or plastic pail at home bring it your delivery location
An email will be sent to tell you when your goods have been delivered
(Delivery between 2-4pm on Sunday)

Kane & Robie
Cafe Cempoal
Windsor & Oxford
Duncan Street Coop
The Other Bean
You may remember theInline image 1 story of the ducks or have heard that Frank quacked all the time? He was an unhappy duck, very unhappy. Well, long story short: We thought we’d kill Frank, but everyone that visited got really attached…… So now he lives at the petting zoo just down the way at the Dutchman’s cheese farm, You should go visit him there…. Frank gets a happy ending, go figure.
The thing is back, and it’s eating the chickens. Actually, it just eats the head, and then it isn’t able to get the body out the freaking tiny hole it slithered in through. Frank was something of a watchduck and without him to cry-wolf the chickens more vulnerable.
I was recently made aware that my emails to you may be taking up a fair bit of space because of pictures and their file size. I’ll attempt to reduce the file size and have also been posting the updates on the website as well so you can delete the emails and still check out the pictures there instead.
Been thinking about the wisdom of past generations, reading Helen and Scott Nearing. Thinking about how we pass wisdom down, and if a youtube video can suffice where a Grandma, Aunt or neighbour would have in been. Gonna have a canning party this month if you’re interested in coming to help put the summer in jars let me know. This song may inspire you too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb-0ZCqga48

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