SUNDAY BST 2:30pm -7pm  MONDAY PICK UPS @ The Other Bean on Quinpoole or Cafe Cempoal on Agricola

As much as you are expecting more negative & skeptical reports about bugs and drought… and while neither has subsided, the gardens have provided. Thank goodness.
Over the past week the land has hosted roughly 30 people. The folks are all working hard on creating and curating beautiful moments and scared spaces. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet do: www.whiterabbitarts.ca
This coming week the gardens will be tended to not by me but by two good friends andCSA member Silas and Erica. I am grateful to get to spend the coming days with them and the rest of the artists coming up for the Metamorphosis Project.
I fear that next week my newsletter will contain even less insight and that I may need to bump our Sunday pickup to the evening if not Monday…. as we will be cooking pancakes for a few hundred and recovering from our Saturday night festivities. heads upz and thanks in advance for your understanding.
This week everyone is  getting:
Swiss Chard
.. and as you are now probably very used to… Basil.
Foxes will receive additionally an assortment of:
New Zealand Spinach
Mixed Berry Cups
& Turnip
Farmer Clare

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