Week 5 – bush beans & zucchinis

Okay, so, thank you,
We are now over a quarter of the way through our relationship and I just wanted to say… Thank you.
Inline image 1You believed I could grow you a few hundred dollars worth of groceries…. I trusted in spreadsheets… and now we have beans and zucchinis…
Cause if it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be all this food… and if there wasn’t all this food there wouldn’t be this newsletter, and if there wasn’t this newsletter I’d be watching the Jays…. so to speak
Inline image 3
It’s not that there’s nothing to report. We are seeding lettuce and transplanting lettuce and preparing as best we can for the coolest and most time consuming thing we do all year : WHITE RABBIT OPEN AIR ARTS FESTIVAL. Buy your early bird tickets NOW only 30.00. and this is a Deal. 4real.
Inline image 2
I’m delighted to tell you that I am presenting a piece in this year’s festival and hope that you can make it…. come to the farm. See the gardens that grow your greens. Because of this I am not able to stay in town for the day on Mondays, and we are looking to leave boxes not picked up on Sunday at EAC, Local Source, Cafe Cempoal or one of our CSA members’ houses in your area. If you think that you are gonna be reliant on Monday pick ups through the month of August let me know where you’d like to have you box left… text 902 877 8781

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