Journal 4 – cucumber beetle juice and cutefood

Red Clayers,

SUNDAY 3 pm – 6pm
MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
2203 Gottingen Street Halifax
 Not able to make it? NP, Just email me or call 902 877 8781
Pests are fantastically good at proliferating…. or should i say; doing the do. As if to mock your efforts to crush their population they are almost always found coupling. The handy thing about this is…. they are much easier to kill when they are connect and it’s two for one  🙂
The cucumber beetles have made themselves known, but we do our best to keep our cucurbits from accepting total domination by hunting them daily, popular methods include finding a flower full of them and crushing them between bricks, and shaking flowers over and into a jar of soapy water, the resulting product has become known as beetle juice. See below:
the second round of chicks arrived last night, day olds, and ain’t they just the darnedest.Funny those times, standing in around with a bunch of other …. poultry growers or beekeepers or farmerfolks waiting for an order. Just families and homesteaders, retirees and several spry elders. Everyone looking hardened by the sun and seasoned by the sea, kind-eyes killers.

This update is a little later than it’s supposed to be, the whiskey, moonlight, fireflies, were just too enticing last night, I suppose there’s no excuse for being me.

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