3 – Wild Things & cultivating weekly harvests


SUNDAY 2 pm – 6pm
MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
2203 Gottingen Street Halifax
Not able to make it? NP, Just email me or call 902 877 8781


It’s beautiful on the farm, thank you all for the rain. The parched ground has been drinking it in, and the water level on the pond is inching it’s ways back up. In all the green beauty, there’s a mystery brewing.

There’s something out there. In the dark at night; a bear, fox, wolf, coyote, muskrat, Thing…. and it’s hungry….. well, a little less hungry now.

At first we thought it was Lady, my adorably lazy dog. For months dog food, tahini, and the occasional speckled trout were found with curious incisor incisions ….


I returned from our last box drop to the news that Earnest had been eaten, by the Thing. Beloved Earnest was one of our ducks. Frank, the other duck, less beloved for his loud and constantly obtrusive quacking, is devastated, and has retired from the pond to the chicken run.

In other related news the abattoir is all booked up and it looks like the flock of chickens is gonna a enjoy an extra week or two of summer….  larger roosters who’ve going through puberty and are turning into jerks will be the first to go…

This week we’ll start taking off the spring honey. It tastes amazingly distinctive; each frame tastes of a particular day, each super encapsulates a season/ing. All food boxes this week will include honey.
Nothing new has ripened. Everything’s in gestation. Growing bigger, fighting for light. It’s been a real challenge to figure out how to control when harvests are ready.  As a consequence we get to eat all the mistakes, meals on the farm have been delicious… flowery and full of holes, but amazing. If you are interested in sharing a recipes, send them to me and I’ll circulate. This week I’m recommending roasted grape leaves, Dolmades.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/dolmades-stuffed-grape-leaves-recipe.html

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