Journal 2

RED CLAY HAWK AND FOX FOOD BOXES                SUNDAY 2 pm – 6pm
Inline image 1                                              MONDAY 8 am – 12pm
                                          2203 Gottingen Street Halifax

It’s officially too dry. CBC reported yesterday that this has been the driest summer since 1946…. so don’t stop praying and dancing for rain just yet…. I made up a little song, and sang it all day:   ” PRAY for it to pour, dance for it to rain.

it’s all dry, unprepared, and at your mercy and we’re scared RAIN RAIN RAIN / SAD fruit hangs on the vine, It’s bitter and I’m afraid, shrivelled and desiccate. what is faith? without RAIN RAIN RAIN.”

Last week was our first box drop. Our only real problem was wilting, which is a shame cause everything is coming to you come the day it’s picked.
Plastic bagging everything seems to be the only way to keep the greens moist and crisp… If anyone has…. an extra fridge or a “refer”truck or a grandmother who remembers how we managed this in the days of the “ice box” I’d be very interested.
This week’s overcast days (but mostly dropless days) did give the chance to plant out the lower garden. Using the furrows to channel water, and the magic of Bearcove’s Stormcast. A family recipe for composted seaweed, it’s beautiful… it’s
magic… If you are looking for a way to boost your garden with an all natural source of nutrients contact:
We’ve had more people on property as our Honey & Salt workshop series gears up and we are host to our affordable week long residencies. It’s been really energizing to see what everyone is busy creating, thank you to Heather who lent some pictures to this entry.
Consider taking some time this summer to come stay here with us and watch the
gardens grow.
BasilBroccoli leavesBroccoli seedlingsChickweed + ( ) CilantroDill *Fresh strawberry freezer Jam *Garlic Scapes  +++Kale *Lambs quarter + ( WARNING not for pregnant LadiesLettucePansy FlowersRadishRose waterSnap peasSpinach *Strawberry PlantsSwiss chard *Zucchini *Zucchini flowers *

Eggs ($4) Gingerbeer ($4) & Mead ($12) Now accepting orders for next week – Chicken ($4 per pound)

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