Gardener’s Journal 1 – July 3rd

Hello CSA shareholder, friends and Red Clay Clan!


I’m delighted to announce that FOOD IS READY!!

The only trouble is we are not in sync with our proposed plan. This will get worked out over the next week. As of next weekend we will be on plan (see below) .

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been bring a few boxes online, testing our systems and trying to figure out how make this all work as smoothly as possible. To be honest we are still working things out … and building the boxes ….If you are not ready for your box, that’s OK!… to be honest weren’t totally ready ourselves… (sound of wood for boxes being milled in the background). Please bring bags, bins or what ever you like to transport the goods home.

For the interim / this week/ to start receiving food this Sunday (tomorrow), pick up between 2pm – 6pm  (no  pick up Monday / option for home delivery send me your address asap **this week only), I apologize for any inconvenience…. I’ll make it up to you in cherry tomatoes 🙂

I’d like to apologize also for missing last weeks update. We’ve been in a dry pocket, third week with no rain, and between the watering, weeding, feeding and late evening transplanting planting, and succession seeding schedules, box building, oh yeah, year ends, moving out of town, etc, it’s been CRA (“crazy”) as they say. Thank you for your understanding.


Below is the plan for how things will normally run.

Following that is a list of food currently available.

Final important note; due to a …. “administrative error” *cough* me *cough*, my form survey in my last email to you did not record the respondee’s name… so who ever responded “allergic to cilantro” I’m sorry, you’ll have to tell me again, to deal with this issue, I’m proposing that you tell me what you like/hate weekly on our harvest list, perhaps this won’t work but let’s give it a go for the next two weeks and see how it all shakesdown ….  also on the admin side, my phone died and the new one I picked up is pretty limited in terms of it’s “smart” capacity, and photo ability, but you can reach me on my cell and come see for yourself all that’s come to fruition.

THE PLAN (as of NEXT WEEK Starting July 10th)

Thursday afternoon each week you will receive an email with a list of all the things that are available this week.

You will respond to that email with any preferences (can’t make promises but will try) and any extra orders such as Meat, Eggs, Honey, gingerbeer, Pasta, Bread, etc. Responses should be in by Saturday morning.

You will show up to the Bus Stop Theatre at 2203 Gottingen street between 2pm & 8pm on Sunday or 9 am – noon on Monday. I will be there with your farm fresh goods.

FARM FRESH (Below is a list of what’s hanging on the vine, there may not be enough for everyone this week but patience is the virtue of the gardener. An * means limited, a + sign means if you want more for canning other reasons, it’s available. Just let me know how much you want.  Garlic Scapes +++, Strawberries *,  Fresh strawberry freezer Jam *, Lettuce, Spinach *, Cilantro, Baby Zucchini * , Zucchini flowers *, Pansy Flowers, Dill *, Broccoli leaves, Broccoli seedlings, Tomato Plants, Tiny Potatoes *, Red and white clover + , Swiss chard *, Kale *, Radish, Chickweed + ( ), Lambs quarter + ( WARNING not for pregnant Ladies

OTHER GOODS Eggs, Gingerbeer & Mead



If you are the type of person who prays; pray for rain. If you are the type of person who dances; dance for rain.

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